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German Cockroach Control with Advion

German cockroaches are no fun. When you have them all you want is for them to die… go away and get out of your life and home.
You have tried all the sprays, all the foggers and powders. None of them work. How do I know this? I am a professional pest control operator and I have been killing bugs in Florida (where there are LOT’S of bugs) for 35 years. I know how to kill roaches. I do it every day. I have used every product on the market and I know what works. We are paid very well to eliminate German roaches from people’s homes and now you can use the same product we use for a fraction of what pest control companies will charge you.
Plus, if you watch the video above you know HOW to use the products in an effective way. Tricks like using small dots of bait instead of large globs. (The roaches will not eat off of large globs but will flock to the small ones)
Plus, I am available on the phone (me the guy in the video) to answer questions and walk you through your eliminating your roach problem.
Order your Advion kit today it includes one tube and 5 bait stations plus instructions about how to use the product for German roach elimination the cost is just $26.97 and includes shipping.
Thank you

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